Why buildingSMART Singapore?

buildingSMART Singapore is part of a international alliance of industry experts, who for over 10 years,have worked together to improve the efficiency and sustainability of construction in Singapore. The key to the success of buildingSMART is that we work with the construction industry to develop internationally recognised standards for processes and technologies. These standards improve interoperability between all project stakeholders, throughout the entire life cycle of a built facility. buildingSMART is well established in the USA, Europe and the Pacific Rim and buildingSMART standards have been adopted in many countries. Success for buildingSMART Singapore will benefit all those involved in construction, both locally and internationally.

buildingSMART Singapore is committed to helping your business cut costs, improve efficiency, achieve sustainability and increase profits.

Benefits of joining buildingSMART Singapore

  • Certified training programmes for individuals to master the skills required to perform in an interoperable environment.
  • Accredited implementation programmes for businesses to adopt the business processes and methodologies required to deploy buildingSMART successfully.
  • Discounts on course registration fee with other professional Associations.
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